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Arriving to the Service Site

Here is how to arrive to summer service site.

For smooth arrival, these traffic routes have been prepared with local authorities. This year, there are two main approach routes, from the south and from the north from highway E4. All incoming traffic should drive on local roads well before the actual service site. Traffic approaching the service area will turn off the highway about ten kilometers before the site if traveling from the north and about six kilometers if travelling from the south.

Service guests arriving from the west (Kokkola, Vaasa and Seinäjoki) are advised to drive through Saarijärvi to Äänekoski to the Huutomäki junction (vt4/13) merging into the other E4 traffic from the north. Traffic signs will guide the best route to the summer service site.

Guest arriving from the east (Savonlinna, Joensuu, Kuopio and Iisalmi) are advised to use route 69 through Suonenjoki (kt9/69). Traffic signs will lead to the service site from just west of Konnevesi (Tankolampi) to route 637 via Sumiainen to the area of Konginkangas. Traffic from the east need not travel to highway E4 at all, rather traffic signs will guide you to the service site via Reinikantie.

To avoid congestions, we advise to follow the organizer’s recommended routes to the service site.
Service area location