Service Site Bank

Payments and purchases at the service site can be made using Euro currency in cash, bank debit cards, or Visa-, MasterCard-, Visa Electron-, Diners Club- and American Express credit cards. The most preferred method of payment is bank debit cards, especially cards that have the new FlashPay feature to complete the purchase by simply holding the card near the card reader.

The largest denomination accepted by cashiers is 50 € euros. Currency larger than 50 euros can be exchanged for smaller denominations at the on-site bank, called Pankki. The bank on the service site enables cash withdrawals using a bank card and Visa Electron card. To withdraw money from the bank, you must show your personal identification. Cash withdrawal using a bank card is also possible from any of the cashiers at places of purchase on the service site.

Open hours

Thursday 12 – 6 pm
Friday – Sunday 11 – 6 pm
Monday 10 – 1 pm