Service Ribbon

The main approach in designing the service ribbon was to visually depict the motto of the Summer Services; ”I am the Resurrection and the Life” (St. John 11:25).

The picture’s visual identity and blue and white color scheme appears repeatedly on the festive gateway to the service site as well as in printed materials and decoration of the premises.

The design team has taken into consideration that 2017 is the centennial celebration of Finland’s independence and the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation.

The team also considered the natural and historical significance of the service site. This year’s site is very close to the very center of the city of Pori, on an islet formed by a fork of two branches of the Kokemäen River. From this fork begins the broad Kokemäen River delta and its famous estuary for birdlife.

Based on these common ideas, the team designed an image with the bird-nature-water theme on this years’ service ribbon.

The picture shows free-flying birds soaring upwards, towards heaven. The white birds reflect their purity. Three birds represent God’s Holy Trinity. The white color also symbolizes resurrection and reformation.

The color of the flowing river is the same as the blue in the flag of Finland, which also emphasizes the 100-year celebration of Finland’s independence.

The greenery of the many islets in the river delta is repeated by green grassy rows. Green is the color of life and growth.