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Festive Gate

In the central part of the service site is erected a festive gate having three identical sides, symbolizing the triune God and unchanging faith. It looks the same when viewing it from all directions. Of these same walls is formed the house of the Lord, in which the grace of forgiveness is proclaimed. Grace is depicted in the wall showing a flow, taking shapes of the shoreline along nearby Lake Keitele. The festive gate shows the flowing shore with vegetation, purifying and lively. The center of the gate opens a passageway, a cross-shaped opening telling us that redemptive work of Christ is the basis of our faith.

The service emblem and logo visually reflect the various elements of the festive gate. The main part being the light of grace shining down from the cross. Rays of light are directed onto the Liimattala shoreline also symbolic of the stream of grace.

The festive gate has been designed by Pekka Laitinen, Raija Lievonen, Marja Moilanen and Hanna Vehkalampi.