How We Believe

The teachings of the Conservative Laestadians is founded upon the Holy Bible and the Lutheran Confession. The centermost being the sermon of Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection. The work of Christ continues in this world through the Holy Spirit within His congregation.

We teach that God sanctifies a person through the Holy Spirit in His congregation. To every child of God, Jesus has given the office of reconciliation, which is the duty of the Holy Spirit. They use this authority when proclaiming the gospel according to the mission command of Christ, preaching it to everyone God has created. The core of the gospel is the forgiveness of sins, which is proclaimed in Jesus name and blood. One who believes this, by the grace of God, is forgiven all their sins.  Faith simply comes by hearing, and listening through the Word of God.

According to the principles of reformation, the Holy Bible is the highest authority in matters pertaining to faith and life. A person is justified by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ’s righteousness alone, and for His sake.


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