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SRK:n Suviseurat Äänekoskella 29.6.–2.7.2018 Sinun syntisi annetaan anteeksi Mark. 2:5.

Welcome to Suviseurat Summer Services in Äänekoski!

Suviseurat summer services are an open event for all to attend. It is nice and easy to be attending since the service site offers all the necessary conveniences and services for the service guests.

The 2018 summer services will be held in central Finland, near Äänekoski in a village called Liimattala. The village resides in a beautiful countryside setting next to the blue waters of Lake Keitele on the east and highway E75 on the west. The 210-hectare service site spreads over 515 acres of grassy fields that volunteer laborers turn into a city. The distance to Äänekoski is 20 kilometers, Tikkakoski airport 40 km, and the city of Jyväskylä 53 km, about 30 miles.

This year’s summer services are hosted by thirteen local Association of Peace congregations. Central Finland has hosted the summer services seven times before – most recently in Petäjävesi, in 2000, and the earliest in Jyväskylä, in 1918.

The sermons, songs, and hymns are broadcast over the whole service site. The entire service program can be heard across almost all of Finland on the Summer Service Radio, also via internet around the world.

”Thy sins be forgiven thee”

The motto for the Äänekoski Summer Services is ”Thy sins be forgiven thee” (Mark. 2:5). The motto is Jesus’ own words to a man sick of palsy who he healed in a house. Four men carried the paralyzed man onto Jesus.So many people had gathered to those services that these men carrying the paralytic could not get through the doorway into the house. They removed parts of the roof to lower the man down in front of Jesus. When Jesus saw the faith of these helpers, He said to the paralytic man, ”Thy sins be forgiven thee”.

The motto is a living reality even at the Äänekoski summer services. According to His own promise, Jesus is present at these services through His Spirit and wants to forgive people their sins – anyone who desires to believe.

Welcome to Suviseurat Summer Services!