Welcome to Pudasjärvi!

“My Lord and my God” (St. John 20:28)

God willing, the 2013 SRK Summer Services will be held in Pudasjärvi, in Northern Ostrobothnia June 28 – July 1, 2013.

“My Lord and My God” (St. John 20:28), the words that disciple Thomas said to the resurrected Saviour, have been chosen as the motto of the services. The motto leads us to reflect over faith as a personal matter. It is also calling the most doubting individual to the hearing and believing of the word of God.

The service site is at the Pudasjärvi airport area near the town center. The 1998 summer services were held in the same location. Characteristic of the nature of the area is the beautiful marshland, Finland’s southernmost fell district Syöte and the Ii River, including its tributaries, which is one of Finland’s most popular fishing and canoeing areas.

We pray that God will bless our service arrangements and that we would be refreshed in the hearing of God’s word.

Welcome to Summer Services in Pudasjärvi!

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