Cleanliness and sanitation

Recycle waste and take waste water to recycling points

Waste management in the service area is carried out in accordance with the waste management regulations. There are 13 sorting points withinin the area. They are located near the toilets.

There is an emptying point for the toilet cassetts near the toilets. There are also a few emptying points for cassett toilets throughout the area. Grey waste water from recreational vehicles (including those in paved areas) should be collected and disposed of in appropriate containers, as a large part of the accommodation area is groundwater area. The groundwater area is marked on the service map.

Waste is sorted according to the information boards: glass, small metal, biowaste and mixed waste. It’s a good idea to sort them already at the place of accommodation.

The collection point for hazardous waste, electronic waste (WEEE), batteries, and accumulators is located in the vicinity of the maintenance office. Batteries can also be returned to the battery collection bins in the shops. In case of doubt, ask the sanitation office for instructions.

Service Guest! Take responsibility by doing your bit to keep the service area tidy. When you leave the service area, please clean up your lodging area!


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